The European Fitness Badge is a conformation of a health promoting fitness-status – BASIC is the first level.

The fitness is BASIC with respect to promoting health. A basic fitness-status makes it possible to take part in a basic fitness-exercise-programs of sport- and gymnastic clubs. Check out the exercises below.

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Stand close to the step bench, step up with one leg after the other, step down with one leg after the other: up-up-down-down.

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The challenging position, with the body’s weight borne on forearms, elbows, and toes need to be hold.

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Stand up from a chair using only one leg and keep the balance.

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Push-ups with knees steady on the floor and

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push-ups with straight legs have to be performed in this test.

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Perform jumping jacks fluently without interruptions.

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Sit on the floor with legs stretched out straight ahead and try to reach forward along the measuring line as far as possible.

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In order to calculate the ABSI the body height, the body weight and the waist circumference need to be measured.

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To calculate the BMI, the body weight in kilogram (kg) and the body height in meter (m) have to be measured.

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Stand straight in your normal position. The instructor observe your posture and gives you a feedback.

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